Automatic Gate Motor Repairs & Installations


Q: What exactly does “automation” of a gate include?

Well, with the push of a button your gates will open by themselves. We can fit keypads so that pedestrians who have access to the code can open the gate without a remote. We can fit safety beams to protect your children and expensive car from being hit by the closing gate. We fit intercoms so that you can speak to (and even see) the person standing in front of your gate. We can even have your systems run off solar power to stay green.

Q: Why are the website prices not final?

We would love for all gates to be perfectly setup for automation but unfortunately that is not always the case. Sometimes the gates needs some repair or maintenance work before we can start the installation process. We also do not include the cost of getting power to the gate because the prices will vary according to the distance from the gate to the closest power point.

Q: Do I really need to have my electric gates serviced?

The simple answer is YES! You have spent out a good few thousand dollars on gates and having them automated. The components of this equipment are very expensive and can go wrong, they need regular cleansing, greasing, lubrication, alignment and removal of creatures that cause considerable damage to photocells and control boards. Regular maintenance and servicing will prolong the life of your gates.

Q: Can I look after my automatic gates myself, to save money?

Unless you are an engineer, then NO! Automated Gates are very dangerous and unless you know what you are doing you could get seriously hurt!

Q: If we have our gates serviced with you, does that mean they will never go wrong?

Having your gates regularly service by us has proven it will reduce the amount of potential costly breakdowns you have, but unfortunately doesn?t guarantee your gates from going wrong forever.

Q: If you change a broken/faulty part, and my automated gates go wrong again later that year, will you come out again for free?

Our policy, If the component we changed has become faulty within a year (some 3 years depending on brand), then YES! We would come out and replace the faulty part totally free. However, if it is an unrelated issue or component then we will charge for our time and any parts used.

Q: Do you only work on gates, that you have installed?

No, we work on all gates, installed by us or not.